Open Mic Recitals

open mic

Our open mic night which is held every last Saturday of the month is growing with popularity among the students, staff and the  families of  Main Street Music Studio . The students really enjoy working with their instructors on songs that they have chosen together. Our instructors, while not forgetting the fundamentals of music while teaching, incorporate these fundamentals into each lesson while still maintaining the student’s desire or ambitions to the style, genre or basic theme that they would like to pursue.

Each concert is held every last Saturday of every month and has two shows, one at 4 pm and another at 7 pm.  We have been doing it this way for close to ten years. The students love to work on their performance with their teachers and love performing it live to their friends, family and peers. All the teachers learn the music that all the students are playing and accompany the performers.  Sometimes there are special guests from all around the Hudson Valley that come and perform at the open mic concerts.  Every student enrolled in the school has the option of performing each month, and there are no additional costs for these monthly events. In addition to families taking pictures of the performers, we hire a professional photographer to take pictures and stream the performances live on You Tube and Facebook. The amount of positive feedback we receive from parents, and peers about how wonderful our shows are is very gratifying to say the least.