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Main Street Music Studio has prepared countless young teens and adults to meet the rigorous demands of higher education. Many students that went onto study music came back to teach for us and share their experiences.  Main Street Music Studio is not only about getting students prepared for higher learning, but also for the students who just enjoy music and would like to make it part of their life, no matter what profession they pursue.  You can visit our testimonials, but better yet, visit Main Street Music Studio and find out for yourself.  Main Street Music Studio offers Guitar, Piano, Voice, Violin, Drums, Bass, Woodwinds, Mandolin, Banjo, Jazz, Blues and Rock workshops for all ages while serving Cornwall-on-Hudson, Cornwall, New Windsor, Washingtonville, as well as all the neighboring towns in the Hudson Valley. Our proven track record for the past thirty years and the excellence that our teachers bring to Main Street Music Studio sets us apart from everyone else.

Main Street Music Studio has a decor and environment that you might see in the South of France.  To begin with, our building which is a free standing building with a huge parking lot is painted purple and orange with a trim of light green indicative of houses built in Amsterdam and other buildings from Europe, with hand chosen and well thought out colors and furniture that makes you feel that you are in someone’s home, rather than a clinical office environment with sterile walls and lighting. Each room is unique in style and has something different to talk about when leaving. From braided rugs, to original art work, to real brick walls and old world tapestry, and finally solid wooden floors connecting to real tiled areas, and did I mention our couches and hand-picked chairs that bring a world charm and presence the moment you set foot inside. These are a few of the aesthetics that were thought of before opening the doors to Main Street Music Studio and that’s what sets us apart from your typical studio.

Besides having a surpisingly comfortable environment, Main Street Music Studio is a full functioning music facility with top of the line equipment that you would not believe. From Fender and Mesa guitar amps, to Yamaha and Steinway pianos, Main Street Music Studio doesn’t stop there, as we are fully equipped for Skype lessons with high speed computers for giving lessons all around the world.  We also offer sales of music books for all instruments, as well as accessories for your instruments. We use both real drum and electronic drum kits to gain experience with both styles. Our group classes provide you with guitar stands, music stands and any accessory you may need including straps for your gear, music for your class, well lit rooms, and fantastic microphones and a vocal P.A. system to make you sound like you were performing on a professional gig.

Our open Microphone concert is held every last Saturday of every month and has two shows, one at 4 pm and another at 7 pm.  We have been doing it this way for close to ten years. The students love to work on their performance with their teachers and love performing it live to their friends, family and peers. All the teachers learn the music that all the students are playing and accompany the performers.  Sometimes there are special guests from all around the Hudson Valley that come and perform at the open mic concerts.  Every student enrolled in the school has the option of performing each month, and there are no additional costs for these monthly events. In addition to families taking pictures of the performers, we hire a professional photographer to take pictures and stream the performances live on You Tube and Facebook. The amount of positive feedback we receive from parents, and peers about how wonderful our shows are is very gratifying to say the least.

Main Street Music Studio is located In historical Cornwall-on-Hudson, opposite the legendary Painter’s Tavern Restaurant.  Our surrounding neighbors are New Windsor, Newburgh, Washingtonville, Salisbury Mills, Vails Gate and West Point.  We have chosen this location because of the genuine charm this small town has to offer and for the easy access  from all the surrounding towns.