Music Lessons

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No matter what your age, experience or taste in music, Main Street Music Studio will prepare you for the next level.

With trained musicians and artists who will work with you one on one or in a group setting to meet all your musical and artistic needs. Topics in music will include sight reading melodies, improvising, theory and harmony, reading rhythms, reading tablature, and music fundamentals.

And of course jamming on the songs that matter to you the most. As a bonus Main Street Music Studio offers a free monthly open mic performance for all students.

Guitar Lessons

All guitar lessons whether privately, as a group or online (Skype) will pay strict attention to what your desires are and will go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied and enjoyed the experience. We teach all levels of guitar, and our teachers are well diversified to teach in many different styles.  We offer rock guitar, jazz guitar, blues guitar, bass guitar and guitar ensemble – duets, trios, quartets, country, classical, pop and more. Click Here to learn more.

Viola / Cello / Violin Lessons
Our strings teachers have fantastic backgrounds and all have worked with local symphonies as well as with local schools and higher education environments. Our teachers start with basics and do not cut any corners. From holding the instrument, tuning, proper care, what size to fit the student, proper bowing technique, and fingerings, Main Street Music Studio will have you playing violin or viola sooner than you may think and the extra work will pay off when joining the school band. Contact Us to learn more.

Drum Lessons
Our drum teachers have a very wide range of experience and love to share their knowledge with young and ambitious students. Here at Main Street Music Studio, we use standard drum kits as well as electronic kits to give the student a chance to experience both. Our teachers don’t stop at just teaching a steady rock beat we also incorporate varied drum techniques, theory, reading drum notation, rudiments of drumming and, of course, my favorite Jazz drumming. Beginning students as well as the most advanced, we will match you up with the teacher that best suits your musical needs. Contact Us today to learn more.

Piano Lessons
The teachers at Main Street Music Studio do not follow the old school methods of instructing students to learn piano. We are well aware that young students as well as teens and adults do not want to rehash “Mary Had a Little Lamb” every week. We use up to date techniques to inspire our students. We still use fundamental theory and harmony to teach, as well as reading notation and rhythms. From Jazz improvisation to playing a Bach concerto to Coldplay, we are very flexible to match the desires of each student and do not have a set curriculum to follow. Contact Us today to get started.

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Mandolin / Ukulele / Banjo Lessons
Main Street Music Studio offers one-to-one instruction on these three unique string instruments. We can get you started as early as your first lessons picking melodies to your favorite song, Or strumming the ukulele as well as playing some bluegrass or folk style mandolin. We cover genres such as Celtic, bluegrass, folk, traditional, classical and modern. Contact Us for more info.

Bass Guitar Lessons
Keep the band moving with the bass guitar. From walking bass lines to funk slap bass and more. Our teachers at Main Street Music Studio will show you the basics of proper bass technique and fingerings, as well as reading bass clef notation, tablature, chord charts, and rhythms. Our teachers also teach upright bass or double bass and will get you playing in no time. Contact Us today to get started.

Woodwind Lessons
From clarinets to saxophones to piccolos and more, at  Main Street Music Studio, we do it all. Woodwinds share a similar key system making it easy to move between different instruments. Our teachers have a diverse background from Jazz to classical and are eager to share their knowledge with you. Topics will include reading standard notation, rhythms, dynamics, forms of tunes, care for your instrument, proper technique, reed maintenance, and improvisation. Contact Us today to get started on your lessons.

Voice Lessons
From posture to pitch, our instructors will teach you to sing like you never believed you could. Our instructors are well versed in classical, jazz, and modern vocal techniques. We offer guidance in breath control, phrasing, annunciation, posture, and stage presence. With our monthly concerts you could be singing your favorite tune with the faculty backing you up in no time. Contact Us below for more info.

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